Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flora in Nanling, Guangdong (Part 1)

Nanling National Nature Reserve (南嶺國家級自然保護區) is located in the northwest Guangdong adjoining Mangshan National Nature Reserve in southern Hunan. It is very rich in flora where 2431 species in 210 families have been recorded. 36 rare and endangered species were identified including 8 gymnosperms and 28 angiosperms. Making trips to visit Nanling to appreciate its rich flora are not difficult but rewarding. There are extensive network of walking trails to assess sites with rich flora diversity such as Waterfall group (瀑布群) and XiaoHuangShan (小黃山).

Pinus kwangtungensis (華南五針松) is commonly seen in Nanling National Nature Reserve. It is considered as vulnerable in China.

Anneslea fragrans var. hainanensis (海南茶梨) is rare and localized in Hong Kong but commonly grows in the hillside in Nanling.

Dichocarpum dalzielii (蕨葉人字果) was commonly found along streambanks.

Polygala koi (曲江遠志) is a beautiful subshrub regularly seen in Nanling.

Gentiana panthsica (流蘇龍膽) was found in high elevation in Mangshan National Nature Reserve.

Michelia mauadiae (深山含笑) is common in both Nanling and Mangshan Nature Reserve. White patches could commonly be seen on the hills.

Rhododendron latoucheae (鹿角杜鵑) was the only flowering Rhododendron during my visit. Maybe it's still early to see the blooming of Rhododendron in March.


maG said...

Sharing photos taken on May 08.


Chiu Pang said...

Yours are excellent...Jealous!!