Monday, March 2, 2009

Schoepfia chinensis

Schoepfia Schreb. (Olacaceae)
A tree or shrub genus consists of about 30 species distributed in tropical and subtropical America and Asia. Only 4 are found in China while 1 in Hong Kong.

Schoepfia chinensis is endemic to the mainland which is mainly distributed in South China. It is uncommon in Hong Kong which is protected under the Forestry Regulation. I've recently discussed about tree planting with students studying landscape architects. There are quite a lot of tree or shrub species that are suitable to be planted in Hong Kong rather than the exotic ones. Though the growth rate of the native species might not be as fast as Acacia or Eucalyptus, they are much more valuable in terms of their ecological value. Also, some of them are of high ornamental value, such as this Schoepfia.

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